Bemo Motos Group

A short summary of our migration for Bemo Motors Group to Microsoft Azure Cloud services. Bemo Motors is a group of 17 car dealerships that is home to a large range of popular car brands. This was a transition that required the utmost care, minimal data unavailability, automation and optimized access across all locations.


The Bemo Group is one of the largest dealer groups in Poland and includes 17 authorized car dealerships with brands such as Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes and Volvo. Their showrooms are located, in Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź, Szczecin and Rzeszów among other locations.


Purpose of the project

The main goal of the project was to migrate the entire organization to the Microsoft Azure cloud so that employees located in different localities would all have the exact same access to e-mail and internal systems. Additionally, as part of the cooperation, we took full advantage of the automation options available in the Microsoft 365 package.


Microsoft 365
Microsoft Azure
Back-up Veeam

The results

  • The migration of 70% of systems to the Microsoft Azure cloud, which not only increased security but also accelerated work within internal software.
  • Deployment in all Microsoft 365 locations with minimal data unavailability for employees.
  • Securing the company against data loss and implementing reconstruction tests.
  • Creation of automated HR applications and employee evaluation based on Microsoft Forms.
  • Management and assistance in maintaining Sharepoint and the intranet built on its basis.
  • Standardization of automatic signatures in e-mail footers for all employees.