IT Team as a Service

If your project requires expertise from several different areas, but you don’t want or simply can’t assemble your own team, the IT Team as a Service solution will address the shortage of IT staff immediately. You can simply “rent” our specialists for a specified number of hours per month.

We recommend this service primarily to software houses looking to expand their expertise, as well as medium and large business clients – with or without their own IT departments.

How can we help you?

What do you gain with us?


No costly recruitment

Collaborating with us means that upon signing the contract, you immediately have access to a range of different specialists – cloud architects, developers, testers, programmers. You don’t have to recruit each one separately.



Our team is ready to work from the first day of the project. We are a cohesive team that has already completed dozens of assignments together. This means you save time not only on recruitment but also on integrating new, unfamiliar individuals.


Flexibility of cooperation

We understand perfectly that you may only need an architect for 50 hours in a month, while each developer’s workload is 120 hours. With us, you don’t have to hire each specialist full-time. You choose who and to what extent you need them the most.


Faster product launch

The time it takes to bring an IT product to market is one of the key business advantages. Therefore, by hiring a ready-made team, you accelerate actions where they have the most measurable impact on the business. Your product reaches the market faster, and the money from its sale goes into your account sooner.


Dedicated team

Our service involves building a team that will get to know your project and take care of it continuously. This means that the same people will work for you, with whom you have regular contact and solve problems on an ongoing basis.


Lack of employee-employer relationship

Within your own team, every vacation, illness, or business trip can cause a project to stagnate or slow down. With us, it’s quite the opposite! So if your specialists are unavailable for some reason, new ones will arrive in their place for the short term, so the project continues without any interruptions.


We typically provide our service in two scenarios. Firstly, when a client either doesn’t want or simply doesn’t have the ability to recruit or expand their own IT team. Secondly, when a client has previously used IT services outsourcing to a lesser extent (e.g., DevOps as a Service). Over time, however, the environment has grown, and challenges have arisen for specialists in other areas.


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