We are Welastic. The world of cloud computing is constantly changing and innovating, which is why we pride ourselves on being extremely adaptable to new and exciting innovation. We will help you get the digital transformation you desire so that your business can stay ahead of the game. A stable, reliable cloud computing system is the very beginning of this journey.

What will you like about us?


We have open minds and we are able to work in interdisciplinary teams together with any client. We also have the ability to combine many different technologies.


Our team consists of experienced professionals and strong personal brands in the cloud services world. We operate as an AWS Select Consulting Partner.


We don’t just want to follow through on orders. We want to excel and take pride in creating amazing projects that really make a difference to your business.

We have brought brand hero Alex the chameleon along to ensure our flexibility!

How do we work?



We check what your current infrastructure looks like and how we can help optimize it.



Together we establish which IT solutions will work best for you.



We implement the plan on our own or with the input of your specialists.



We keep you informed on an ongoing basis regarding the work progress and any generated costs.

Why Welastic?

“Members of our team have been involved in cloud computing for up to 20 years – that is, from the beginning of the technology’s operation in Poland. We follow current market trends, constantly strive to develop and always look to the future. Digital transformation is a demanding process, so with us you do not have to make all the decisions at the same time. We will adapt to your pace and job opportunities.”

Jarosław Zieliński, CEO & Co-founder

Jarosław Zieliński


Alex, The Cameleon

Establisher of flexibility
Jarosław Zieliński

Jarosław Zieliński

CEO & Co-founder
Marek Panek

Marek Panek

Head of Managed Services & Co-founder

Maciej Korcz

Lead DevOps Engineer

Piotr Zarębski

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Team Leader
Krzysztof Szortyka

Krzysztof Szortyka

DevOps Engineer

Radosław Dudek

Solution Architect

Hubert Rzyha

Atlassian Expert
Dawid Dudek

Dawid Dudek

Network Virtualization Expert

Marek Karpiński

Cloud Developer

Mikołaj Lembicz

Service Manager

Mateusz Soszka

DevOps Engineer

Joanna Góra

Executive Assistant

Michał Bekas

Cloud Developer

Dawid Pawlak

Junior DevOps

Andrzej Kapczyński

Mobile Developer