SharePoint Intranet

We understand the importance of having a cohesive and functional work environment. Our Intranet based on SharePoint Online is a modern tool that will enable your organization to improve communication and work more effectively.

How can we help you?




Worried about how the implementation will go? Our process
includes planning, configuration, and launching the SharePoint Online environment. Our IT team works closely with business departments to tailor the Intranet to your needs.



What if problems arise? We offer full technical support, handling issue resolution, system updates, and change management. You can count on us for both routine inquiries and more complex issues.



Concerned that your employees might struggle with the new tool? Our
training covers both the basics of using SharePoint Online and specialized functions and business processes. We offer workshops, webinars, and e-learning courses tailored to your needs.

What Do You Gain with Us?


Multiple Integration Options

We use standard Microsoft applications like Teams, as well as more advanced tools like Power Apps (automation) and Microsoft VIVA (employee development). This ensures that your tools will work together seamlessly.


Quick and Simple Low-Code Solution

SharePoint Online allows for quick and simple low-code application building. You can create an intranet without programming, saving time.


Cloud Data Accessibility

Worried about data access? All company data is stored in the cloud, ensuring easy access from various devices.


Time Savings

Designing and coding an intranet from scratch is a long and costly
process. With SharePoint Online, you get the same functionalities in a much shorter time, saving resources.


No Additional Licensing Costs

SharePoint Online is a feature within Microsoft 365, meaning there’s no need for additional license purchases.


Agile Management

Using SharePoint Online as an intranet allows for faster management of basic company processes, such as document flow, requests, and information.


Technologies We Use

A core platform offering a wide range of functions for creating sites, document libraries, lists, and other elements essential for building an Intranet.

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