Training for managers

We train managers on the use of public cloud computing in business.
We run open, internal and individual workshops.

Grow with us!

Examples of training topics

Why is it worth it?


Experienced trainers

Training is conducted not only by experts, but also by people involved in the development of the IT community. Meet our trainers: Jarosław Zieliński & Michał Adamkiewicz.


Independence of your managers

The purpose of our training is primarily to help managers make the right decisions regarding the development of the IT department.


Up-to-date knowledge

If you do not have time to update your knowledge on your own, our training courses will be a great opportunity for you to learn about the most important changes in public cloud systems in a business context.


Practical laboratories

The main component of the program and each of the training courses are assessments, during which participants are tested on the acquired knowledge.


Teaching materials

You will receive access to presentations and additional content that we only send to workshop participants.


Flexible collaboration

We will adjust the training concept to your needs and the level of knowledge of the participants.


We run the workshops both online and in person. The decision is yours.

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