The Simoa® technology developed by Quanterix has the potential to truly change the world of medicine! Find out how, with our support, the company’s internal team of developers has evolved.


Quanterix is an American company in the medical industry. It specializes in digital biomarker analysis using its proprietary Simoa® technology. Quanterix's solution aims to enable much earlier disease detection, improved prognosis, and more precise treatments. This technology is currently utilized in oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation, and the treatment of infectious diseases.



Purpose of the project

The goal of our collaboration was primarily to support internal developers and to develop CI/CD processes in the AWS environment. Together, we wanted to prepare modular processes and applications that would allow each Quanterix client to have several services in different versions. One of the objectives was also the need to introduce Backup and Restore services. As part of this, we implemented a solution using AWS File Gateway, S3, S3 Lifecycle, and Backup. We also used ECS and RDS Aurora services.


Amazon Web Services (ECS, VPC, CloudFront, SQS, S3, ALB, RDS)
Octopus Deploy
Amazon Web Services Storage (File Gateway, S3 Lifecycle, ECS, RDS Aurora)

The results