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Intranet using Microsoft SharePoint Online is a quick and easy way to build a low-code application, i.e. without programming. You store all your corporate data in the cloud and have access to it on various devices.

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Save time

Designing and coding an intranet from scratch is a long and costly process. SharePoint Online allows you to get the same functionalities in a much shorter timeframe thanks to the low-code methodology.


No additional licensing costs

SharePoint Online is one of the functionalities within Microsoft 365. This means that you do not have to buy an additional license if you already use Outlook or Excel in your company.


Agile management

SharePoint Online used as an intranet allows you to manage basic processes in a company much faster, such as the circulation of invoices, applications or information.



Microsoft 365 has over 1,000 mechanisms that control security and privacy. Your files and information are effectively protected against cyber threats.


Intuitive operation

Both administrators and employees will easily find the necessary documents and/or information because the intranet looks like a classic website and is easy to navigate.


Possibility of many integrations

For intranet development, you can use standard Microsoft applications such as Teams, however, it is also possible to use more advanced Power Apps (automation) and Microsoft VIVA (employee development).


SharePoint Online is available on Microsoft 365. To use it, log in to and search from available SharePoint applications.


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