ARC Software

Our implementation for the ARC Software programming company was focused on creating stable, secure and high performance environment that handles petabytes of data!


Since 2017, ARC Software has been delivering digital products and helping clients scale their businesses by utilizing modern technology. The software is designed and created with the best practices and exceptional code quality.


DevOps, AWS Storage Solution

Purpose of the project

Our primary objective was to create a stable, safe and efficient IT infrastructure system, that among other things allows ARC Software "ease of replication” while using more than one technology. Essentially facilitating the creation of new accounts for individual clients within hours!


Amazon Web Services (ECS, VPC, CloudFront, SQS, S3, ALB, RDS)
Google Cloud Platform

The results

  • Highly available hybrid environment with little to zero downtime.
  • Leveraging AWS Services in scale to handle petabytes of data with no operational overhead.
  • Express creation of new accounts for individual clients in PaaS model within 6 hours!