CI / CD is the most effective way to develop applications. Thanks to IaC and cooperation with us, you will automate everything! We work with the AWS cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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How can we help you?

What do you gain with us?


Higher software quality

All steps taken by us are aimed at one thing – improving your application and maintaining good customer relations.


Increased team productivity

We shorten the time of issuing the application to the client by optimizing the work schedule of your employees.


Stable and secure IT solutions

We minimize technical problems that may negatively affect the end user/customer and improve the availability and security of the application.



We not only adjust the type and configuration of the cloud services we provide you, but also the processes and the shape of the team. We can operate in the white label formula.


Team development

We commit to raising the competences of your employees, who will gain a full understanding and be able to independently handle the environment.


Technical Documentation

We provide you with detailed information on how to manage changes in the application. We strive for your complete independence.


We accept orders at every stage of work – even at critical moments for clients.


Other services


    Jarosław Zieliński
    Jarosław Zieliński | CEO & Founder

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