Quanterix’s Simoa® technology may revolutionalise the world of medicine! Find out how the internal team of developers at Quanterix’s Simoa flourished with our support.


Quanterix is an American company in the medical industry that deals with the digital analysis of biomarkers based on proprietary Simoa® technology. The Quanterix solution is designed to enable much earlier disease detection, better prognosis and more precise treatment methods. The technology is currently used in oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation and the treatment of infectious diseases.



Purpose of the project

The purpose of our cooperation was primarily to support internal developers and develop CI / CD processes within the AWS environment. Together, we wanted to prepare modular processes and applications that would allow each Quanterix client to have several services with different versions.


Amazon Web Services (ECS, VPC, CloudFront, SQS, S3, ALB, RDS)
Octopus Deploy

The results

  • Development of an account management system in the Amazon Web Services cloud and preparation of the CI / CD process for these accounts. Allowing us to assign one account to each specific client.
  • Preparation of CI / CD processes in a multi-cloud environment.


Andrew Glück
Principal AWS Cloud & DevOps Engineer

Our cooperation with Welastic was fantastic. The entire team is highly qualified and cares deeply about customer relations. Before the Welastic experts even touched a line of code, they worked hard to understand our specific problems and needs. I was impressed at how quickly they got multiple environments up and running for us and how well they documented the process. Constant support across various duties in the DevOps area is really valuable for my team.